About Our Business


For over a decade, Connecticut Engineering has been focused on higher technology manufacturing environments including aerospace,
automotive and most extensively medical device assembly.  As such, we understand compliance requirements of federal and international
standards in manufacturing.  We also understand the critical role that quality plays in all aspects of competitive business.  Quality and reliability
are paramount to what we do.


One of our objectives is to provide a level of technology that is most suitable to the task at hand.  Planning for growth is important and
technology that facilitates expansion and adaptability is often a worthwhile investment.  However, as a practical matter, the level of technical
expertise varies greatly in real world manufacturing environments and equipment should be designed accordingly.  We can provide equipment
that employs vision guided robotics for assembly and inspection or simple jigs and fixtures aiding a manual operation.  We work with our
customers so that the level of technology fits the way they do business.


Connecticut Engineering provides services to a wide range of companies, large and small.  We specialize in small to mid-size automation
projects.  We are the company that can take on projects that are "too small" for the big automation houses.  Review our
Gallery to see sample
projects ranging from simple fixtures to fully automated systems.  

Almost any industrial control scheme can be accommodated.  We can make recommendations for new applications or conform to existing
standards the customer may already have.

Our designs are developed using Solidworks and AutoCAD.  Technical documents, including manuals can be provided in industry standard pdf.

We are privileged to say we are a reputation based business.  Many of our new customers have come to us on recommendations from our
current customers and that gives us a great sense of pride in what we do.  We offer superior services at very competitive rates because our
operation runs efficiently with very low overhead.  Feel free to
contact us  with any design, tooling or technical challenges you may have.

We hope we can be of service to you.

The Connecticut Engineering Team
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